Wow, Hassles ​a Passport!!!!! Yes, ​Hassle!!!

I have mine but do you have yours? That’s something to consider. Never know when a friend or family member may just get the urge or need to leave the country. Sometime they may want or need a travel companion In my case I don’t need or want but wouldnt mind having someone travel with me. So think again do you or don’t you have one. Well if you do great if not, that sucks. The last few times I have traveled out of the country those I had asked to go with were short of having a passport. The passport isn’t a hassle until it comes to getting one last minute. This can be a burden and a stress that shouldnt be needed in achieving a planned, Well not so planned last minute trip. When i recentl went to Spain my buddy lost out on the possibilty of having a grea time and also being able to explore some of the world that many would love to visit. Almost as if the places I recently traveled were on your bucket list before you die. No worries, we all find ways. This new instance is with my folks who are trying to go to the Bahamas with me to this great resort called Atlantis. Yes, Atlantis the biggest mysteroy in life. Of sourse, not the real Atlantis. That would be great to actually go to if we could ever find it. Yes, the hassle of getting a last mnute passport. I do not suggest it. What I do suggest is to pay the $110 now and just wait the month or so, this way any time an adventure that may come up is ready to go. Don’t be the one who has to pay much more then the $110 and not even gurantee to get the passport in time. As well as possible inflation of passport prices. The passport last ten years. Get off your ass! I said it and meant it! Why deal with stress and extra money to rush a passport when you. can already have it and start to get the stamps on your passport. Get addicted to the adrenline rush of knowing, knowing that at any moment you can just up and leave as you please. What if your best friend does a rush wedding? you think its fair to them that they are waiting on your passport, NO! Be ready and don’t deal with the hassle. Reach and have. The passport says itself. Its the passport to anywhere and everywhere you want to go.


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