IMG_7850Not everything was as calm and peaceful like this picture above.

This was France that the tourist don’t get to see. It’s not all glamours and beautiful everywhere. There are places that can really make you take out your headphones and look around and think. That’s what I did the first day a walked so much up hills, downhills, on the freeway, under bridges, on overpasses, and even at times places a tourist shouldn’t have been. That was my first journey on these travels alone in a place that didn’t understand me. The story that may stay with me through out my days. The unknown and and spooky walk from behind me. I was on my way back to the shop when I decided with the no money and the extra time I had. I would continue to listen to music and explore a place I’ve never been. To my surprise I ran into a cemetery with no visitors but me. The gate was wide open so I walked in. The headphones that were playing in my ears then came out and I began to take pictures of just a beautiful and old cemetery. I then walked and heard noises behind me as I was being followed. I stopped and turned my head into every direction to see where the noise was coming from. It stopped then I walked and continued to take pictures. The walking noise happened again. At this point I was out of site of the open gate. I stopped taking pictures and noticed the noise had went away. Odd I told myself. So being the guy that wanted answer I continued to walk and take pictures. The noise was back. At this point I began to walk back with chills running through me in deep thought and panic. As I approached a visible site of the gate. It was closed! I then looked around in a panic. The guy was finally in reach to open. I looked left then right then behind me. No one was around. Why and who closed the gate? At this point I was just hoping the gate wasn’t locked. Then a deep breathe and attempt to open the gate happened. Effffff the gate open then as I walked out it slammed. Looked back one last time. No one or nothing around. I was out of there.

Sometimes this the only direction you will get in life. Maybe then just add to the pole and create your own destination. We all can’t go somewhere and think that’s the plan. Plans don’t always work out. This here shows the possible, the chance to begin to create and find your way. This was in the middle of the desert with no idea of how it started. Just like most of us a lost soul trying to get somewhere. Maybe this was why it’s here. Maybe it’s just here for a picture either way we found each other and now becoming a memory of tomorrow.

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