Adopt to adapt to adoption

Benefits and reasons to adopt a child. Many people today have a family illness that can carry to their children. One way to break this cycle is to adopt and not have kids of their own.

Seven Reasons to Adopt

  • You are longing to give a child a family
  • You desire to help a child start a new life
  • You can provide for a child in every way
  • You feel prepared to handle the hardships
  • Overcome infertility
  • You are concerned about the risks of pregnancy 
  • To avoid passing down genetic disorders

In my own experience, I am feeling the pressure of not being able to have children of my own. I have the support of my wife and family to take other steps like adopting or fostering. The further we look into options the further we step back into the world and see how society is set around us. That is one of the benefits of adoption. The idea is to know you can do this on your terms and when you are ready. Unlike an unplanned pregnancy. Yet, in our case, we would love to find out we were having a baby. Life has its own adjustments.

Why Do People Adopt? 

Adoptive parents come from many different backgrounds and have varied reasons for adoption. Some common reasons to choose adoption include:

  • The adoptive couple has struggled with infertility and cannot safely carry a child on their own to term
  • The adoptive parent is single and is ready to start a family
  • The adoptive parents are a same-sex couple who want to raise a child together

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Quotes for adoption

“Every single minute matters, every single child matters, every single childhood matters.” – Kailash Satyathi

“Every child deserves a home and love. Period.” – Dave Thomas

“Adoption is a commitment that enter into blindly, but it is no different than adding a child by birth. It is essential that adopting parents are committed to parenting this child for the rest of their lives, and committed to parenting through the tough stuff.” – Brooke Randolph

“There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.” – The National Adoption Center

As you can see with the quotes above it kicks you in the heart and can break a person down. The break down being the idea to be a solution to the many children who need a home. Families who want a child. Most of all the ability to change lives for those who havent been giving the chance to have a life with a family. The many unfortunate situations give way to the idea of hope. Hope is the idea to breathe and know the cares around you aren’t always carried in the bloodline but the notion of love and heart given to those in the need for pursuit of happiness.

Places to get started in looking for adobtion


Goodbye world!


Today is the day I stopped killing myself. We all do what ever we want when we want. I decided today is the day I decided I want to live again. I want to breathe. I want to have the time to do things more productive. So much time and energy is wasted killing yourself. Theres so much more that can be done in the wasted time of death. Life is given and can be taken. I would rather life be taken then killing myself day in and day out. Today is 07-08-2018, this is the DAY. The day to continue to grow and become everything I want. This first step to what Im going to achieve is reminding myself that some people are given a time frame of when the will be gone. Most of us have that same time frame. Birth to 100 years old, sounds about right. Just imagine you were given one year left to live. Well I’m done killing myself and wasting the freedom of knowing I am my biggest project that I will ever work on. Its all going to start with realizing time is now. I will continue to say “I”, because for along time “I” wasn’t something I had considered to care about. Something just hit me as I enjoyed my last few attempts of killing myself slowly drinking coffee. After that last one “I”, and yes, “I” decided that today is the day. Never again fault myself to let life pass me by. To many times I have wasted countless hours and time of doing nothing but letting myself slowly die. I want to live and I will live. Life is what “I” want. As this continues to get harder it will only benefit every part of me. Mind body and soul is what I want to have. The only way to have this is to stay clear of anything to slowly kill me. I know I mention slowly killing myself, because thats what it was. I know we can all go anytime. I may write this now and somehow lightning strikes me. I can accept that, I had no way to prevent it. I do have some control of not choosing to kill myself. I say one more time. I am done killing myself. Today is 07-08-2018 the day my life started.

Stop with wasted time,

Max out your day with improvement,

I’m done killing myself. Your turn.

Moving on to something new!! Life perhaps

A day like today can only be one to open your eyes to something. Something like, oddly enough we will never know. Maybe as you begin to read, that something may mean something.

A day like today is a day you move towards is the day you have accomplished something you worked so hard to achieve. What you achieved can mean so much to you and others. What does it really matter, RIGHT! Wrong what matters is where are you when you want to be something or somewhere. The deep ness of where today may have led you can be what makes you find your life. LIFE. The true acronym of life.

What is it?

What’s your acronym for LIFE?

I know I don’t know mine, but maybe you know yours. Moving on to something new can be much like a job, lover, place, and or maybe all of it at the same time. Are we ever ready or prepared to move on to something new, no not usually. There are some of that can prepare for something new by graduating to prepare for a new career. Plan to find new love or even move to a new place. There are times the prep can’t help for the unexpected illusion to what’s around the corner. Enjoy and learn from what may hit you as a surprise jump kick to the face. I know I’ve been there in some weird and odd ways.

To be continued……


There’s a time in your life where you just have to roll with the punches. Today was by far a great experience for me and more so for my little brother who is having a girl. YAY!

When my brother and his lady found out they were having a brother I was asked to become The Godfather slash uncle. No doubt I said yes with excitement. I really would have been disappointed if I wasn’t but still would have been there for my brother no matter what. Ok, just so you know he isn’t my blood brother but he is my brother that tends to get “are you guys brothers” asked all the time. We are brothers I remember when I met him the first time. He was a 15 year old kid applying for a job at my work. In the interview all went well until I added the numbers together and realized he was only 15. When I questioned him about it he said, and no lie, he said “15”. My reaction was “what, you can’t work here until your 16”. Ok I know I built up the suspense but now this was the response “well my mom said I could work here”. I know it’s not as dramatic to read.

That was the day this kid became my brother! He ended up becoming assistant manager and now a co worker/partner with me at our current job. Love the kid and his family. So thankful for him and his lady for asking me to become a godfather to there newborn and Michael and Bradley. Looking forward to the years ahead. Love you guys. Today was great.

Cheers family!

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Sometimes just swing!

It’s not always about how you do but what you do. Golf has been a great escape. Great scenery, drinks, and music. It all can just take you away from everything. The game is so mental and stressful at times but yet a great representation of what life is. The ball doesn’t just fall into the hole but is guided and yet sometimes what you image is not the end result.Just play and have fun. With life enjoy and relax. The idea of it all is great and be happy to enjoy what you have. There so much more green on the other side that nothing should come in your way. The ball will eventually make it to where it needs to be. So stop the stress and the worries of it not working like we plan. A birdie is a birdie and a par is a par anything better or anything less is still an accomplishment. Let’s just stop the worry and enjoy what’s around us.

Hope everyone has been enjoying Nassau(TWIN BROTHERS

Twin brothers is the place to eat. The locals call it the fish fry. Great customer service with excellent food. The food was so good I started to fall asleep waiting for the check.

Nice atmosphere and setting of a true Bahamas’s feel. The resort is great to but to much of a tourist feel. Nothing wrong with that, but when you travel it’s always good to have the feel of seeing the people and the culture. The experience so far has been a great and exciting time.

As you see in the picture above this is at Twin Brothers, no joke I was knocked out from the food being so good. It was almost that feeling after eating on thanksgiving or even Christmas dinner. You just feel so comfortable and relaxed in the place your at. Thank you Twin Brothers was great!!

This was some of the dishes we ate at Twin Brothers. Yum. Can’t tell you what it was. You have to go there and try and find out yourself. Or just comment and ask. Let me just say well worth the taxi off the resort.

quick tip

Go across the bridge to the first liquor store and load up on water and beer. Great value and more money for food and excursions.

Wow, Hassles ​a Passport!!!!! Yes, ​Hassle!!!

I have mine but do you have yours? That’s something to consider. Never know when a friend or family member may just get the urge or need to leave the country. Sometime they may want or need a travel companion In my case I don’t need or want but wouldnt mind having someone travel with me. So think again do you or don’t you have one. Well if you do great if not, that sucks. The last few times I have traveled out of the country those I had asked to go with were short of having a passport. The passport isn’t a hassle until it comes to getting one last minute. This can be a burden and a stress that shouldnt be needed in achieving a planned, Well not so planned last minute trip. When i recentl went to Spain my buddy lost out on the possibilty of having a grea time and also being able to explore some of the world that many would love to visit. Almost as if the places I recently traveled were on your bucket list before you die. No worries, we all find ways. This new instance is with my folks who are trying to go to the Bahamas with me to this great resort called Atlantis. Yes, Atlantis the biggest mysteroy in life. Of sourse, not the real Atlantis. That would be great to actually go to if we could ever find it. Yes, the hassle of getting a last mnute passport. I do not suggest it. What I do suggest is to pay the $110 now and just wait the month or so, this way any time an adventure that may come up is ready to go. Don’t be the one who has to pay much more then the $110 and not even gurantee to get the passport in time. As well as possible inflation of passport prices. The passport last ten years. Get off your ass! I said it and meant it! Why deal with stress and extra money to rush a passport when you. can already have it and start to get the stamps on your passport. Get addicted to the adrenline rush of knowing, knowing that at any moment you can just up and leave as you please. What if your best friend does a rush wedding? you think its fair to them that they are waiting on your passport, NO! Be ready and don’t deal with the hassle. Reach and have. The passport says itself. Its the passport to anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

Next stop ATLANTIS

The Bahamas here I come.This was and still might be a solo trip, but now it’s looking like the possibility of mom and dad going. It is going to be a gift to my father who is turning 50 years young on November 27th. Same birthday as Nick Van Exel if you didn’t know. This should be another great journey. This will be 4 countries traveled in less than 2 months. Looking forward to the weather and excitement of going on a waterslide that soars underneath sharks. Yes, yikes what a thrill and scare.

The family that became family


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The family that became family. All started on the basketball court on a ship. Not knowing that it would lead to me being a brother and then finally to being Uncle Nick. I guess sports or just basketball, in general, was the international language. That was how we began to communicate. This was the first day on the Norwegian Epic ship. I didn’t know what else to do so I went to the court where I knew I wouldn’t be alone anymore. Sure enough, I met Nuir and Yaya who I thought were brothers and not father-son. I guess the way I played and encouraged my team helped us to grow to abound. Later the next day on an excursion in France I ran into the whole family only really knowing the dad and Yaya. I was actually on my way back to the ship because I didn’t want to travel to far alone. But to my surprise when I ran into Nuir, I said hi to the kids and then Donna had invited me to go with them to Nice. I said sure why not. The best decision I made on the trip. Later we became inseparable and had dinners and laughs together. Stav was very quiet the first day until I began talking to him and we then had a great conversation. From the brother to Uncle overnight. Without them and many other friends and families, I met on the trip would have been hard without them. I thank you guys for helping me get to the leaning tower of Pisa. You guys will forever be in my heart. Can’t wait to visit.placeholder://

About me:

Hello everyone that has come to join me on my site. I am Bernard Agagni. Yes, you heard that right but I go by Nick or aka an old alias TheFamousNick. My current life is filled with so much. First off decided to take the college challenge again after being out of college almost a decade ago. Did my first semester during summer and achieved the “A” that I set out to achieve. Now I have registered into a fall semester taking fourteen units which is five classes. With all this I work 40hrs a week and drive 80miles one way to work. Theres more to this crazy life of mine. I also am currently in the process of remodeling my house to become my home. So ya, Life is filled with so much and little time to do it all. Now the big topper is the time to travel. Which I recently just did. I was in Spain, France, and Italy. Please stay tuned and keep up with all the changes and adds that I will be going through within this developement. There will be food, travel, stories, and even home improvement to follow. Stay tuned!