About me:

Hello everyone that has come to join me on my site. I am Bernard Agagni. Yes, you heard that right but I go by Nick or aka an old alias TheFamousNick. My current life is filled with so much. First off decided to take the college challenge again after being out of college almost a decade ago. Did my first semester during summer and achieved the “A” that I set out to achieve. Now I have registered into a fall semester taking fourteen units which is five classes. With all this I work 40hrs a week and drive 80miles one way to work. Theres more to this crazy life of mine. I also am currently in the process of remodeling my house to become my home. So ya, Life is filled with so much and little time to do it all. Now the big topper is the time to travel. Which I recently just did. I was in Spain, France, and Italy. Please stay tuned and keep up with all the changes and adds that I will be going through within this developement. There will be food, travel, stories, and even home improvement to follow. Stay tuned!

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