Moving on to something new!! Life perhaps

A day like today can only be one to open your eyes to something. Something like, oddly enough we will never know. Maybe as you begin to read, that something may mean something. A day like today is a day you move towards is the day you have accomplished something you worked so hard toContinue reading “Moving on to something new!! Life perhaps”


There’s a time in your life where you just have to roll with the punches. Today was by far a great experience for me and more so for my little brother who is having a girl. YAY! When my brother and his lady found out they were having a brother I was asked to becomeContinue reading “If you can’t be a FATHER! BE ONE HELL OF A GODFATHER”

Hope everyone has been enjoying Nassau(TWIN BROTHERS Twin brothers is the place to eat. The locals call it the fish fry. Great customer service with excellent food. The food was so good I started to fall asleep waiting for the check. Nice atmosphere and setting of a true Bahamas’s feel. The resort is great to but to much of a touristContinue reading “Hope everyone has been enjoying Nassau(TWIN BROTHERS”

Wow, Hassles ​a Passport!!!!! Yes, ​Hassle!!!

I have mine but do you have yours? That’s something to consider. Never know when a friend or family member may just get the urge or need to leave the country. Sometime they may want or need a travel companion In my case I don’t need or want but wouldnt mind having someone travel with me. SoContinue reading “Wow, Hassles ​a Passport!!!!! Yes, ​Hassle!!!”

The family that became family

The family that became family. All started on the basketball court on a ship. Not knowing that it would lead to me being a brother and then finally to being Uncle Nick. I guess sports or just basketball, in general, was the international language. That was how we began to communicate. This was the firstContinue reading “The family that became family”