Sometimes just swing!

It’s not always about how you do but what you do. Golf has been a great escape. Great scenery, drinks, and music. It all can just take you away from everything. The game is so mental and stressful at times but yet a great representation of what life is. The ball doesn’t just fall into the hole but is guided and yet sometimes what you image is not the end result.Just play and have fun. With life enjoy and relax. The idea of it all is great and be happy to enjoy what you have. There so much more green on the other side that nothing should come in your way. The ball will eventually make it to where it needs to be. So stop the stress and the worries of it not working like we plan. A birdie is a birdie and a par is a par anything better or anything less is still an accomplishment. Let’s just stop the worry and enjoy what’s around us.


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