There’s a time in your life where you just have to roll with the punches. Today was by far a great experience for me and more so for my little brother who is having a girl. YAY!

When my brother and his lady found out they were having a brother I was asked to become The Godfather slash uncle. No doubt I said yes with excitement. I really would have been disappointed if I wasn’t but still would have been there for my brother no matter what. Ok, just so you know he isn’t my blood brother but he is my brother that tends to get “are you guys brothers” asked all the time. We are brothers I remember when I met him the first time. He was a 15 year old kid applying for a job at my work. In the interview all went well until I added the numbers together and realized he was only 15. When I questioned him about it he said, and no lie, he said “15”. My reaction was “what, you can’t work here until your 16”. Ok I know I built up the suspense but now this was the response “well my mom said I could work here”. I know it’s not as dramatic to read.

That was the day this kid became my brother! He ended up becoming assistant manager and now a co worker/partner with me at our current job. Love the kid and his family. So thankful for him and his lady for asking me to become a godfather to there newborn and Michael and Bradley. Looking forward to the years ahead. Love you guys. Today was great.

Cheers family!


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