Moving on to something new!! Life perhaps

A day like today can only be one to open your eyes to something. Something like, oddly enough we will never know. Maybe as you begin to read, that something may mean something.

A day like today is a day you move towards is the day you have accomplished something you worked so hard to achieve. What you achieved can mean so much to you and others. What does it really matter, RIGHT! Wrong what matters is where are you when you want to be something or somewhere. The deep ness of where today may have led you can be what makes you find your life. LIFE. The true acronym of life.

What is it?

What’s your acronym for LIFE?

I know I don’t know mine, but maybe you know yours. Moving on to something new can be much like a job, lover, place, and or maybe all of it at the same time. Are we ever ready or prepared to move on to something new, no not usually. There are some of that can prepare for something new by graduating to prepare for a new career. Plan to find new love or even move to a new place. There are times the prep can’t help for the unexpected illusion to what’s around the corner. Enjoy and learn from what may hit you as a surprise jump kick to the face. I know I’ve been there in some weird and odd ways.

To be continued……


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