Goodbye world!


Today is the day I stopped killing myself. We all do what ever we want when we want. I decided today is the day I decided I want to live again. I want to breathe. I want to have the time to do things more productive. So much time and energy is wasted killing yourself. Theres so much more that can be done in the wasted time of death. Life is given and can be taken. I would rather life be taken then killing myself day in and day out. Today is 07-08-2018, this is the DAY. The day to continue to grow and become everything I want. This first step to what Im going to achieve is reminding myself that some people are given a time frame of when the will be gone. Most of us have that same time frame. Birth to 100 years old, sounds about right. Just imagine you were given one year left to live. Well I’m done killing myself and wasting the freedom of knowing I am my biggest project that I will ever work on. Its all going to start with realizing time is now. I will continue to say “I”, because for along time “I” wasn’t something I had considered to care about. Something just hit me as I enjoyed my last few attempts of killing myself slowly drinking coffee. After that last one “I”, and yes, “I” decided that today is the day. Never again fault myself to let life pass me by. To many times I have wasted countless hours and time of doing nothing but letting myself slowly die. I want to live and I will live. Life is what “I” want. As this continues to get harder it will only benefit every part of me. Mind body and soul is what I want to have. The only way to have this is to stay clear of anything to slowly kill me. I know I mention slowly killing myself, because thats what it was. I know we can all go anytime. I may write this now and somehow lightning strikes me. I can accept that, I had no way to prevent it. I do have some control of not choosing to kill myself. I say one more time. I am done killing myself. Today is 07-08-2018 the day my life started.

Stop with wasted time,

Max out your day with improvement,

I’m done killing myself. Your turn.


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