Hope everyone has been enjoying Nassau(TWIN BROTHERS


Twin brothers is the place to eat. The locals call it the fish fry. Great customer service with excellent food. The food was so good I started to fall asleep waiting for the check.

Nice atmosphere and setting of a true Bahamas’s feel. The resort is great to but to much of a tourist feel. Nothing wrong with that, but when you travel it’s always good to have the feel of seeing the people and the culture. The experience so far has been a great and exciting time.

As you see in the picture above this is at Twin Brothers, no joke I was knocked out from the food being so good. It was almost that feeling after eating on thanksgiving or even Christmas dinner. You just feel so comfortable and relaxed in the place your at. Thank you Twin Brothers was great!!

This was some of the dishes we ate at Twin Brothers. Yum. Can’t tell you what it was. You have to go there and try and find out yourself. Or just comment and ask. Let me just say well worth the taxi off the resort.

quick tip

Go across the bridge to the first liquor store and load up on water and beer. Great value and more money for food and excursions.


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